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Sterling is pleased to announce our upcoming tours. We invite you to join our interest lists to be notified of details as tours are finalized.

2025 Ireland Golf Tour : The Emerald Fairway Grand Tour

September, 2025

Join us on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Ireland's golfing paradise with our exclusive Irish Golf Tour. Over the course of this meticulously planned itinerary, you'll experience the country's most prestigious courses while indulging in luxurious accommodations and breathtaking scenery. Begin in Dublin, where you'll have the opportunity to tee off at the world-renowned Royal County Down and Portmarnock courses. From Dublin, venture southward to Kinsale, stopping to play a round at Powerscourt. In Kinsale, take in the charm of this coastal town with a round at Old Head Golf Links. Continue your journey to Killarney, where you'll have the chance to play Waterville, Dooks, and Tralee, renowned for their world-class design and captivating scenery. Finally, conclude your tour with a stay at the historic Dromoland Castle, with a round at the legendary Ballybunion along the way. From start to finish, our Irish Golf Tour promises an unforgettable blend of championship golf, luxury accommodations, and unparalleled natural beauty—a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for golf enthusiasts of all levels. Itinerary and dates to release this September. Be the first to receive the tour by signing up on the interest list.


2025 Portugal : A Fall Garden Tour with Pacific Horticulture

October 14-24, 2025

Sterling Tours and Pacific Horticulture invite you to join Escort, Linda McKendry and Garden Guide Amy Kupec Larue, on an enriching journey through Portugal. Gardens, agriculture, sustainability, and the unique world of cork conservation will take center stage. Portugal aims to be climate neutral by 2050 and to cover 80% of its electricity consumption with renewables by 2030. After our introduction to Porto, excursions will include Douro Valley, the charming town of Lousada, Braga, and Santar. Continuing to Lisbon, with visits to Setubal, Queluz, and Sintra. Extending our visit to Madeira to explore Monte Palace Gardens and Quinta do Arco Rose Gardens, both exemplifying the dedication to preserving rare, exotic flora and roses.

Saint Augustine

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